Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Small WhiteThings

Here is a small canvas, a work in progress at the moment...

I often consider these small paintings as snapshots from my mind and characters that have already or will play parts in future bigger paintings and stories. ( hopefully) I'm still trying to get used to doing 'small' as my paintings in the past have been much larger and sometimes very detailed. This white fox has wanted to escape from my head for ages. There will be more in this composition yet, probably a moth?
I know I keep rattling on about moths alot lately, but its just I seem to see them everywhere! Whether I'm just noticing them more, or is it an exceptional year for them. I don't know? .....
Look at this one in our kitchen window. How amazing! ....

Yes, I know the windows need cleaning, but sssshhh......thats boring ;)


  1. What a beautiful moth, I wonder what kind it is, looked in my book but couldn't see one quite like that. I like foxes and I'm looking forward to seeing this painting when it's finished.

  2. I love the white fox's beautiful eyes.

  3. That is a beautiful magical looking white fox!!
    And I think Moths may just be your totem animal this year...I have never seen so many amazing ones except in your journal!! :)

  4. They are lovely and who cares about the windows!

  5. A beautiful Swallowtailed Moth - perfect to fly into one of you paintings.


  6. Oh, I love that fox! You've captured his spirit so well, Karen! And what a beautiful moth!

  7. Stunning white fox - this is going to be very special! Moths - aren't they gorgeous? I had one (or it might be a butterfly) hanging on the window (also dirty!) yesterday - twas huge!

  8. He looks to be made of gauze. A beauty for certain.

    I love the idea of the white fox roaming around inside your head, looking for a way out!

  9. Hi Karen,
    Thank you for visiting.:)
    Lovely, white fox painting. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. It will be stunning!
    The moth does not look real. The wings look like paper. It is quite amazing!
    You seem to find these wonderful moths that I have never seen before.
    Are you collecting them?:)

  10. Beautiful moth and equally beautiful painting. The moth looks like it has just landed from the moon, is there such a thing as a lunar moth I wonder?

  11. I love your composition, it's something I really struggle with and end up painting very static pictures. Maybe I should be a bit more daring!

    The moth is so delicate and beautiful. I've seen a lot lately and had a large chocolate, fluffy moth in the bathroom 2 nights ago. It was gorgeous.

    Kim x

  12. The owl is simply beautiful Karen!!
    and the fox is gorgeous indeed!

    So glad they escaped your head (I know what you mean - I have things trying to get out too!)

    Must make a timely Treasury one day soon!

  13. Two very lovely White Things! Your fox has the most beautiful blue eyes - I am always transfixed by your wonderful blog Karen - thank you so much!!


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