Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Wizard, an Alchemist and a handsome robin.

I thought I'd stop by a share with you some Autumn-ish bits and pieces that I've been working away on. All of the pieces will be added to My Etsy shop on Friday 10th October at 7pm (UK time)
First up is a toadstool. I love making these!  I only had one cut out, so at this time there is only this one. Hopefully I shall cut out more soon?
                                                                'Dear ones'
Next up, three painted hearts.
Words around the edge read:
'There is a King and Queen upon my hills and a cloak of purple for them to tread, beneath a golden sky'
Number two has red squirrels and reads:
'From deep below the earth rising up through roots and branches. The sleepy song of Autumn sparkles in silver mist'
Then lastly a fox and blackbird.
In the whispering morning mist the birds all tell their secrets. But only those that listen can ever hear and understand...

Now I will introduce you to my wild woodland wizard.  He is a shapeshifter and is often a fox.
He sometimes can be seen wandering the forest with the Alchemist. But at this time the Alchemist had very important business in the starlight sea and so in this piece is alone.
                                                             'The Alchemist'
And to finish, more pictures of my little handsome friend taken with my phone the other day.  :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A friendly robin and a dream fulfilled

Let me introduce you to my new friend.
Just lately I have had this little chap (at least I think it's a chap) following me about when I'm in the garden. Each time I would take a tea break from working and sit outside, he would appear.
He clearly wanted to get close, as would hop within an arms length and swoop close by my head as I walked past.  One morning whilst sitting at my computer I even noticed that he was outside on the window sill, head cocked slightly to the side and peeping in the window.
I wouldn't normally encourage wild birds so close, as obviously being a cat owner it could lead to a disastrous ending. But this little chap was clearly asking for something? So with a few crumbs on my hand and some tiny morsels of cheese I stretched my hand out to him. It didn't take long before he was brave enough to fly down and peck at what was on offer. :)  
Such a beautiful little bird. I feel truly privileged. I know lots of people have had birds feed from their hands, but this is the first time for me, so I am so happy.

Whilst summer has slipped away and the leaves are beginning to fall here, we have been blessed with glorious sunny days again. The garden is still blooming and the birds are still feasting on the late blackberries that shine in the hedgerows. Butterflies flit from michelmas daisies and verbena bonariensis and myself.
The ivy is humming each time you pass, from the hundreds of bees, and various flies that are attracted to it's flowers in bloom.
I love this time of year when all is quietly winding down the slow path to winter days.
I've been working away on some things that I will be back to show you quite soon.
In the meantime I've updated the shop with some cards. Some are homemade, some professionally printed.
September has passed quickly, my boy has left home to begin a new adventure studying Music at university and it is strange here without his piano playing. On our way back from dropping him off we stopped off at the seaside and watched the gulls and the silver sea and reflected on how time goes so fast.
Hiding behind my hair. 
September has also been the month for dreams coming true. One of mine I never guessed would ever be fulfilled was so, last Saturday when I travelled up to London to see Kate Bush perform. I was one of those lucky one's that managed to grab a ticket at two minutes past nine on that March morning. Yes, I remember it well.
The show was amazing and every bit I had hoped it would be and more. Kate's music has been an inspiration to me for years and many many pictures have been created or inspired, listening to her sing.   
My all time favourite by her and has been since it came out back in 1985 is the 'Ninth wave'. For those of you that don't know her work, it is a series of songs linked together that create a story of someone that has fallen into the water and is lost at sea. While she is floating and waiting to be rescued she drifts in and out of consciousness near death's door. Seeing this on Saturday being created visually on stage was truly too magical for words. I admit to wiping tears away when she broke into the bars of 'Hello Earth' my ultimate favourite song by her. 
The show was visually stunning. It's hard to put into words, but some I would use to describe are hypnotic, beautiful, enchanted, haunting, moving, perfect, wow wow and unbelievable. ;) 
There are no photographs to share as Kate wanted to interact with the audience, not their camera's and phones which has become the normal way of things these days. I am glad and everyone that was there abided by her wishes, which was so good to see. The picture above is of the programme that I bought and the piece of paper is confetti that blew out into the audience during the ninth wave. The words upon are an extract from 'The coming of Arthur' by Tennyson they read:

Wave after wave, each mightier than the last,
Till last a ninth one gathering half the deep
And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged
Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame

I shall leave you with a beautiful song by Kate and wish you a wonderful  October. x

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September garden and moon

The other day in the garden, the tiniest grass snake. The photograph is deceiving as it's hard to see the scale of it. But look at the bobbly leaf, that's cat mint/nip. For those of you who know this plant, you'll know that the leaf is only very small. For those of you that don't, I'd say that the snake was about 12 cms long and about 1/2 cm wide. I love finding grass snakes. :)
The garden is wearing her early Autumn gown now. Some flowers are fading curling and browning.
Seed pods are ripe and splitting and the September breeze help them on their journey to start new life.
 'O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained with the blood of the grape, 
pass not, but sit beneath my shady roof; there thou mayest rest and tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe, 
and all the daughters of the year shall dance! Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers' 
– William Blake

Last night we coincided our walk to catch the gorgeous huge moon as it rose up above the hill. 
As darkness came quickly I spied this cow, she had walked alone, on ahead of the herd and was just stood beneath the moon. I'm sure she looked up.
The light was a little dim at this point for my camera, so I've adjusted the exposure. In doing this I have revealed what looks like an orb of light. I know there is much debate to what orbs of light are, but I like to think that there could possibly have been a spirit or unknown presence there as it was an incredibly peaceful special moment. Who knows?

In the shed I've been cutting out wood and trying to use all the scraps up. There are rather a lot of scraps, so there will be pendants on the way among other things...
The first batch are moons that seem as if they have been brought to life from my last painting.
Little 'moonlits'  :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And she saw in his eyes that all was enchanted between Earth and sky

The title of this post is also the title of this painting below that I have recently finished. A sketch since last year, but like many of my ideas, they often get put aside for a later date. It's painted on watercolour paper. I kind of wish that I had painted it on wood or canvas now that it's complete,  I love how you can build up a much thicker richer  colour and layers and play around a bit on those surfaces. However I chose paper, which I also love.  I like that you can achieve a certain delicacy by not using so much paint which I tend to do when I use paint on paper.
I don't think I will ever be a 'one or the other' person, as I would miss too much whichever one I chose to abandon.
 You may well see a similar painting popping up on wood or canvas at some point in time. ;)
Dandelion clocks, moths, starry blue hare, silvery mist and snippets of gold.  
 I also finished another piece last week, which is again on paper. 'Path of the Ancients'                                                             
After finishing this painting and naming it, I was browsing the web for some words to share with this post on the theme of ancient and I came stumbled across this wonderful poem. It seems so appropriate and surely a definite case of synchronicity?

'The Ancients of the world'
By Ronald Stuart Thomas

The salmon lying in the depths of Llyn Llifon
Secretly as a thought in a dark mind,
Is not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd
Who tells her sorrow nightly on the wind.

The ousel singing in the woods of Cilgwri,
Tirelessly as a stream over the mossed stones,
Is not so old as the toad of Cors Fochno
Who feels the cold skin sagging round his bones.

The toad and the ousel and the stag of Rhedynfre,
That has cropped each leaf from the tree of life,
Are not so old as the owl of Cwm Cowlyd,
That the proud eagle would have to wife.

 I've added both new pictures as prints, to my Etsy shop.
In between painting, time has been spent as much as possible outside. Garden jobs and harvesting delicious things such as these.
 And noticing things such as these.
On the left, a  rather magnificent caterpillar which has stayed put beneath the porch for the last two days. I think it's maybe going to form it's cocoon? Anyone know what it is? I haven't had chance to research yet.
The other two butterfly chrysalis I discovered hanging from beneath our water butt lid. Not the safest of places to hang. If we get a lot of rain and it overflows, they will be submerged and drowned. What a horrible thought.  I shall be keeping an eye on these two, as it could be another moving job?

Since last writing here I have acquired an Instagram account. Why don't you come and join me if you have it. :) x