Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Etsy shop update

Hello... I'm back again and  just a day since my previous post. Why so soon I hear you say?Well, last night I realised that not everyone who follow on here has Facebook. Yes, there are still some lucky folks that haven't been caught up in the facebook net and taken across to the dark side.I consider them the lucky ones. ;) Anyway I  wouldn't want them to  miss out on a preview of  the new hares that I will be adding to my shop this Thursday (May 22nd at 8pm UK time)  So, I'm back again to share all 22. If you've already seen them on Facebook, then I promise to forgive you, if you don't hang around. 
                                                                      'Wiltshire hills'
                                                                          'Fox hare'
'Dandelion and moon'
'By the hawthorn'
Moth and heather
Hare,moon and snowdrop
Moth and bramble
'Woodland creatures'
'Dog rose'
 Moth and bramble (small)
'Speedwell and bee'
Speedwell and bee (white)
'Wild strawberry and bee'
'Vetch and forgetmenot'
'Forgetmenot and bee'
'Clover and bee'

That's it, all done!  
I shall be back soon. x


  1. Gosh, you have been busy. I love the moon and moth white one. xxx

  2. They are all beautiful but my favourites which I love are 'Wiltshire hills' and 'By the Hawthorn'.

  3. Thank you Karen, I'm not a facebooker, twitter(er) or blogger so you putting these g orgeous Hares on show here is much appreciated.........now which one!
    Maura x

  4. These are enchantingly exquisite. I love them all. I tried to pick a favourite but simply couldn't. You are so talented.

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  6. I'm on the dark side and very appreciative of a chance to see your beautiful hares. Are they wood? Whatever they are I love them...hare dreamcatchers .....magical!!

  7. Oh No Karen, what have you done! My gorgeous hare hanger is simply decorated with natural colourings as beads and crystals. these are stunning, and i am craving one already to go with him...

    Leanne x

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone. I'm glad you like. :) x

  9. The pieces you make are always a delight to see, Karen. You're very artistic, and I love how you apply yourself to a lot of your pieces. I'm sure those wooden pieces took a lot of time to make, and your hardwork is surely seen in every detail. I'm a huge fan, really. Thanks for sharing and keep those updates coming. More power to you and your business! :)

    Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local


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