Friday, July 19, 2013

Thirty Four Degrees In The Shade

Today the garden thermometer read thirty four degrees in the shady area next to the shed. The scent of mock orange perfumes a still hot afternoon air. No hint of breeze tickles the feathery fennel. The stone path burns my bare feet to walk upon. Brown butterflies flit from majoram to the bindweed then pause to rest on the privet hedge.
Cats sleep all day in hidden places among long grass like lions. 
Water and honeydew melon seem the only food appropriate. And strawberries of course.
I've been finding it hard to concentrate in the heat. I've had a few days off and done some jobs that needed doing in summer time. Painting window frames mostly. In between I've been flitting here and there doing what I call the 'easy jobs' the tasks where not much thought is needed. Priming hangers, drilling the holes and sanding and cutting them out. I can't sit still for long and find myself wandering looking for slow worms and grass snakes and other creepy crawlies. There are lots of spiders nests everywhere. 

I'm absorbing summers essence as well as the vitamin D.

I hope you are too.


  1. Gorgeous pics, the cat has to be my favourite. Cats are wise aren't they? I have no energy for much as well and can't concentrate either.

  2. Oh a snake! A lucky spot! I'm loving this heat (despite the almost overwhelming need to cat nap at about 3pm) and have insisted to the weather gods that it remains until I can't remember being cold.

  3. I absolutely love the kitty in the grass nest! Pasha has been doing the same in this heat wave... I find him tucked under ferns or sprawled along a forest path. I'm no good AT ALL the past few days. Hope you are getting some cooler temps, ours is coming tomorrow!!

  4. in this weather i walk in the woods and wander in the path bare foot! it is always so lovely to see your world Karen. If ever you are heading to West Sussex, come to say hi ;-)

  5. Beautiful photographs, like valerinna I love the lion kitty in the grass.

  6. Hello Karen
    Just catching up with your wonderful blog..It has been so so hot here too, I have been watching the butterflies dancing in my garden today,
    love your hot sunny photos, sounds like you have been busy but glad you have had time to stand and stare
    Happy Weekend
    Thea x

  7. There's a slight breeze this morning bringing delicious smells - hope you are a tiny bit cooler. Your photo's are beautiful and inspiring as usual. We have seen lots more butterflies this year and the drone of bees again. Have a lovely relaxing weekend. Karen xx

  8. It's hot hot hot! I am a summer person & do love all this sun,but so much heat does sap your energy a bit doesn't it? :)

  9. Hello Karen...
    Lovely Pictures and Very Magical Blog.
    XO XO White Witch.

  10. Painting windows? I take off my hat to you :) That's what I need to do but this heat is too much for me! I love the twinkling stars above your kitty!xx

  11. Hello! This hot wave came to us. And the next couple of weeks we'll have 40 degrees Celsius, but it's something only natural for our summers. Only that I hardly bear the heat! The problem is that we live in an apartment, in a town and if we want to feel better, we have to escape in the mountains or at the seaside. You can see in my last post at what a fantastic place we've been pretty soon..:) Meanwhile, my salvation is the bird singing in the trees around, they' re so many that you cannot believe you are in a town.
    I like the story about your summer everyday life - so much beauty and charming creatures at every step. Yes, the pic of the kitty is my favourite, too!:) As well as the last one!
    Happy summer!:))


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