Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Butterflies And Enchanted Forests

I always knew there was an advantage to not cleaning your windows very often. Look what has decided to attach itself to the frame.

There are 3 of them, and I think they will probably emerge as cabbage white butterflies? I love cabbage whites. How wonderful!
But, there was a problem.... Painters are due to arrive any day to scrape woodwork down and give everything a lick of paint before winter. Our landlord has a rota and it gets done every three years.  So, emergency 'rescue cabbage white pods' was launched. Very delicately with a small paintbrush, I removed them from the window frame. It was quite difficult as the sticky stuff that they attach themselves with is surprisingly strong. It seemed quite similar to spiders thread.  Anyway I successfully removed all three and have them here now.
 I'm keeping them on a cool windowsill and hopefully they will be ok and hatch in the spring?
The weather has turned and Autumn is making her presence known. The mornings have been misty and the days drizzly. Last week though I captured this beauty showing off for me on the ivy.
What a gorgeous creature the red admiral.
They absolutely love ivy. I also spotted a comma and masses of other insects. Please remember to leave some in your garden, it's brilliant for wildlife.
The sketches that I shared with you have been turned into paintings now. Here they are....
'The Light Between' and 'The Path'

  And 'Theatre In the Woods'               
I painted these for the  'Enchanted Forests Exhibition' at The Green Tree Gallery in West Sussex.
If you live nearby do go a long and see. It runs from the 13th October until the 4th November.
 Here they are, framed and all ready to go.

                                                       Have a good week! x


  1. It is amazing where some creatures will make a home, but after all, they are only adapting and making themselves at home in our homes. As they were outside do you plan to put them back on the same spot or somewhere more sheltered? I have massess of ivy and log piles for the wildlife in my garden too! My very tidy neighbours don't much care for my approach though!

    1. I will hatch them inside and let them go immediately. I've done this before with moth cocoons I found and they were fine. I worry if I put them back outside and they are unattached, birds may eat them.

  2. LOVE what you did with the oval contours... the branch work totally rocks as a natural edging.

  3. They're beautiful. I love the way your paintings have an ethereal light, you're so clever at creating this. Well done saving the butterflies! I hope they reward you with their beauty one day. :)
    Jess xx

  4. My congratulations with exhibitions! And Theatre in the Wood is really magical:)

  5. I wish I could go to see those magical enchanted forests at the exhibition. Sigh! Thank you for making my evening. Visiting your space here is always a pleasure.


  6. Oh!!! These paintings are just enchanting. I've been making a "tiny theater in the woods" at my place, and your painting just says what I have been feeling about why this has to be. Thank you.

  7. All your art is just so full of mystery and beauty. I love your postings about wildlife. Your blog is always a joy, thank you again Karen.

  8. Great that you saw the cocoons and could go to the rescue! Lovely paintings, especially LOVE
    "Theatre in the Woods".

  9. oh,my heart leaped from the excitement when i saw that your paintings are shown in Haywards Heath... I will move nearby in Handcross in few weeks time. i wish i can take a peek at your magical paintings.


  10. Oh how utterly wonderful. We have one cocooning in the hinge of our kitchen door, hopefully no-one will squash him as he is wedged in so tight I could not get him out.

    The paintings are gorgeous and have been drooling over them for some time. Good luck with the sales.

  11. I love the new paintings, you never disappoint.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful work Karen....
    Glad you saved the cocoon, we did this once as children and watched and waited for the Butterfly to emerge and fly away!
    Thank you for reminding me of this childhood memory.
    Just wanted to say also Karen, my kitties go a little crazy at your first beautiful song on here.They go looking for the birds.
    Naughty but true, have a enchanting week.
    Love maria x

  13. I live about a mile or two down the road from here! will make a visit - brilliant that you have some work there. Your little caterpillars will be fine I am sure but don't forget they will be hungry when they wake up! Bettyx

  14. I absolutely adore your new paintings, Karen! Always such a pleasure to see your new works. :)

  15. Well done you saving those butterflies
    I love your new paintings.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, Karen.
    Our house should really be called Moth House, so abundant are they. I often wonder, are they here because I love them so, or do I love them because they are here? My favourite time of year. xx

  17. I'm starting to understand why you can paint such beautiful pictures. You have THE EYE. That's what my Mum and I call the ability to see things that most people overlook or, if they see them, don't really register.
    Thanks for saving them- there should be more people like you in the world, watching the news channels would be a lot less painful.

  18. How lovely that you were able to rescue them Karen and how exciting to see them emerge in the spring. so wish i could be there to see the exhibition, good luck x

  19. Your photos of the Red Admiral are amazing! Glad you were able to rescue the butterflies.. good for you.

    Love your latest paintings.. the ovals work so well!

  20. What a beautiful blog! I don't come across new blogs very often these days as I don't have much time to hunt about but yours is very pretty! :) xxx

  21. Hello Karen :) when your butterflies hatch they will be of the 'Large White' variety. What people call 'Cabbage White's are actually several varieties in a group called Peiridae. You can read more about them here:


    Have a good week x


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