Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down To The Little Wood And Some Tree Spirits

Down to the little wood I pass the sunny faces of celandine and primrose. The snow drops have almost said their goodbyes and young silky leaves of Cuckoo Pint or Lords and ladies (arum maculatum) are appearing between the kindling.

There are discarded walnut shells. A squirrels feast?
I  hear the alarm bell call of a blackbird, the flutter of wood pigeon wing against ivy  and the sweet trill of a robin.
It's bright. Squinting my eyes up through the branches at the March sky I count twenty one rooks nests. They are busy, very loud going about their business. I love watching them.  

I'm listening, really listening, absorbing a spring morning. The snap of twig, scuff of shoe on branch and soft moss.
The gentle sound of water. The stream  ripples and the sunlight sparkles dancing in the chilled morning light.


I can almost hear the sap rising in the trees. If I was an animal with a powerful sense of hearing maybe I could?.... But I don't need to hear it, as standing quiet I'm sure I can feel it...

My latest hearts are tree themed. Forest spirits.

And I've also been busy attending to a starlight wizard.
Each of these items will be listed in my Etsy shop tommorow if you are interested in buying them.

Now to the giveaway results! No I hadn't forgotten ;-)
Thank you lovely folks for commenting and all your kind words. I asked my son to pick a number from 1 to 75 and he said 8.

So congratulations comment number 8 you are the winner!   Simply Vintage 

(Email me your details and I'll send the pendant and postcard off to you.)



  1. Your hearts are simply stunning, Karen. I love how tender and magical the trees look... and your starlight wizard is just beautiful.

    Thank you, by the way, for visiting my blog. It was nice seeing you there.

    Kisses for the ladybugs. :) oxx

  2. Amalia...Thanks:) and you are most welcome. I don't get around to blogs as much as I'd like these days. Your work is amazing you have a wonderful talent. x

  3. Oh, how I wish I had the pennies to buy one of your forest spirits.
    The starlight wizard is wonderful, I love your characters ♥
    Your woodland adventure sounds like magic. I am also enamoured by rooks nests, they are beautiful birds.
    Happy Spring! x

  4. I love the first signs of spring! Great tree pics.

  5. Beautiful Tree Spirits....waking from their winter slumber....

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. A gorgeous post. It's so lovely to go out and really *absorb* the spring, as you said. Also the new hearts look very nice indeed! I especially love the one with the thrush.

    Anyway, hello, hello, I've been meaning to comment for some time, but am perhaps a little shy. Thank you for linking my blog though!

  7. Beautiful hearts, and lovely imagery in your words, I have added you to my list to follow x

  8. Thank you for taking me along on a visit to your wood and a conversation with Wood Spirits. I can feel magic rising in me...

    Also, latest work is absolutely stunning, as always!!

  9. I love your post to bits. The countryside is where I am happiest (I am lucky enough to live there) and the images you conjure up are wonderful. Hope you don't mind if I bookmark and follow your blog, it's beautiful.

  10. Congrats, Simply Vintage!

    Karen, thanks for sharing your wonderful words and Spring photos. After the sub-zero temperatures of this winter, I'm ready for the light dance of Spring blossoms. I think your tree spirits are beautiful!

  11. I love the warped tree and branch reflections in the moving water, and, of course, the tree spirits! After many months of ice and snow, its raining today and the rivers in the distance are rushing, swollen and free once again.

  12. I love the hearts, even the name is magical, Forest Spirits. Just gorgeous. Well done Simply Vintage on winning the giveaway:) Beautiful description of your time spent in the little wood♥ xxx

  13. Ohhh! I'm so excited, this is the first giveaway that I have won, thank you so much. I'm loving your new hearts they are simply stunning. xxx

  14. Your forest spirit hearts are so beautiful - and the starlight wizard is, too. Spring is definitely on its way - what inspiration it brings! Theresa

  15. your morning sounds wonderful~
    and your art is so lovely and magical. Love the light in the water~

  16. Love the images of the stream - really pretty.

  17. Karen, I love your new tree spirits! They remind me of the Arthur Rackham illustrations I've always loved. Well done and congratulations to your winner!xx

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